Clair de Lune

Exciting news!

For over a year now, my viewers have been asking me to do a tutorial for Debussy’s Clair de Lune. And my answer to that request has always the same – it’s a very advanced piece and not suited to being taught through a video.

Then I thought about the whole point of my YouTube channel, which is to make beautiful music accessible to people who don’t go the traditional lesson route, and it clicked. If so many people want to experience playing the gorgeous Clair de lune, why not make an easier version? Continue reading “Clair de Lune” »

The Addams Family Theme Song (Cover) – Easy Piano Tutorial

Here’s a tutorial for The Addams Family Theme Song, requested by my student Marco!

It’s a very easy song to play, both technically and musically. I’ve put in some of the fancy flourishes from the original song, but these are optional. You can leave them out and still play the song, and it will sound great!

Because so many of the sections repeat (either exactly the same way, or with slight modifications), it might be a bit of a challenge to organize the flow of the song. So, I made a little map to help you. Be sure to go to the “Free Downloads” tab and check it out. Continue reading “The Addams Family Theme Song (Cover) – Easy Piano Tutorial” »

Rondo Alla Turca (Turkish March) – Part 3!

Rondo Alla Turca Part 3 Thumbnail

Hi Everyone!

When I made the first two tutorial videos for Rondo Alla Turca, I had no idea how many requests I would get for Part 3 and Part 4! And, something tells me that after Part 4 is up, my wonderful viewers will be asking for the rest of the piece, as well. So, my plan is to eventually put up tutorials for the whole thing. Continue reading “Rondo Alla Turca (Turkish March) – Part 3!” »