Dear Marina: How Do I Keep My Fingers and Wrists Loose?


Dear Marina,

I am an adult “restarter” and I’ve had 3 lessons so far. My teacher told me that I need to keep my wrists and fingers loose. When I do manage to do it, I notice that the sound I get from the piano is much nicer, and it feels better, too.

My question is, how can I work on consistently playing with loose wrists and fingers? Can you give me some tips? Are there specific exercises to help me achieve this?

Greetings from Germany,


Dear Astrid, Continue reading “Dear Marina: How Do I Keep My Fingers and Wrists Loose?” »

What To Look For In A Piano Teacher – And What To Avoid

I have heard so many less than complimentary stories about piano teachers –  from my students, from other teachers, from random people who know what I do for a living – and these stories make me sad because of the lost opportunities that they represent.

Choosing the right piano teacher is easily the most important decision you will make in your musical journey. While it’s true that an exceptionally talented student will make great strides in spite of a bad teacher, it is more likely that the wrong teacher will greatly hamper a student’s progress. Continue reading “What To Look For In A Piano Teacher – And What To Avoid” »

Mozart Rondo Alla Turca Piano Tutorial (Part 1)

Rondo Alla Turca Part 1 ThumbnailThis is a piece that is very impressive sounding, and, lucky for us pianists, not as difficult as it seems! In this video, I break down the first section, showing you how to play each hand by itself, then how to combine the hands. Continue reading “Mozart Rondo Alla Turca Piano Tutorial (Part 1)” »

Yup, We’re Different!

I’ve always known that I’m “different,” and I recently read an article that might explain why.

I’m a pianist. And I’ve been one since I was old enough to pull myself up onto the creaky chair at the piano in my parents’ living room in Yerevan, Armenia.

What makes us pianists different from other people, and, specifically, from other musicians? Our brains work in a unique way, thanks to the demands that learning to play the piano place on our cognitive processes.

I’m not a scientist, though I do love science. So, I will summarize the findings stated in the article in my own, musician-brained, way. Continue reading “Yup, We’re Different!” »