Life is…

The apparent suicide of Chris Cornell, the frontman for the band Soundgarden, is hitting the world pretty hard today. Every person is important in the grand scheme of things, of course. But there are some people who break through the mass of humanity and create art that helps millions express their own inner worlds. These people become especially beloved, and when they make their final exit, the impact is felt in a big way.

And when they leave by their own hand, there’s the usual run of bewildered questions. Why would someone who had achieved astounding success want to end it all? How did things get so bad that living was a burden they couldn’t carry anymore? Surely death couldn’t be the answer. Continue reading “Life is…” »

Dear Marina: At What Age Can Children Start Taking Lessons?

Dear Marina,

My son has been taking piano lessons for a couple of years and he loves it. His 4 year old sister is showing very strong interest in playing the piano, as well. But she has a very short attention span, and I don’t believe that she would be able to sit through a typical piano lesson. Should we just let her bang around on the piano like she wants to, or is there a better option for channeling her musical spirit? Continue reading “Dear Marina: At What Age Can Children Start Taking Lessons?” »