New Rhythm and Counting Videos!

rhythm graphicI’ve been working very hard on a couple of videos for you. I wanted to explain the basic note and rest counts as well as the basic subdivisions of the beat in a way that could be easily understood by both people just beginning their music education and those who have been at it a while and just need some clarification. I’ve also created a couple of worksheets for you to download so that you can practice the concepts I cover in these videos. To find the worksheets, click on the “Free Downloads” tab at the top of this page. Continue reading “New Rhythm and Counting Videos!” »

Dear Marina: How Do I Keep My Fingers and Wrists Loose?


Dear Marina,

I am an adult “restarter” and I’ve had 3 lessons so far. My teacher told me that I need to keep my wrists and fingers loose. When I do manage to do it, I notice that the sound I get from the piano is much nicer, and it feels better, too.

My question is, how can I work on consistently playing with loose wrists and fingers? Can you give me some tips? Are there specific exercises to help me achieve this?

Greetings from Germany,


Dear Astrid, Continue reading “Dear Marina: How Do I Keep My Fingers and Wrists Loose?” »