Clair de Lune

Exciting news!

For over a year now, my viewers have been asking me to do a tutorial for Debussy’s Clair de Lune. And my answer to that request has always the same – it’s a very advanced piece and not suited to being taught through a video.

Then I thought about the whole point of my YouTube channel, which is to make beautiful music accessible to people who don’t go the traditional lesson route, and it clicked. If so many people want to experience playing the gorgeous Clair de lune, why not make an easier version?

So that’s what I did. Now mind you, easy doesn’t mean “you can play it without practicing.” In this case, easy means that it’s not so far above the beginner/early intermediate level that there’s no point even trying. So, yes, you will need to practice this piece. And yes, I will be putting up a tutorial. And if you want the sheet music to practice with, you can purchase it here and download it right away.

While the original piece is in 9/8 time and has many flats to read, my version is in 3/4 and mostly in the key of C, so won’t have a whole lot of sharps or flats to keep track of. I also included fingering and pedaling marks and some guidelines on dynamics, as well as Debussy’s own tempo indications. I also greatly simplified it, making it much easier to play technically.

So, here’s the performance video. And tutorials are coming soon.

I hope you like it!

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