After a week or so of posting my daily music goals, I’ve noticed a shift in myself. Knowing that I’ll be writing them down and making them available for anyone to see has really helped me to focus myself and think about how I am allocating my time! Lots of thoughts have come up around this. I’m putting together a video about them.

I have been very productive with my new piano project, as well as with putting down lots of musical ideas that I will develop into recordings. Today’s goals:

  1. Make Part 2 tutorial for Adele’s “Lovesong”
  2. Work on piano project
  3. Record music
  4. Work on repertoire

2 thoughts on “”

  1. I stumbled on your post after coming home from watching La La Land today (which i loved). I want toplay City of Stars on my keys now for sure! The song just won’t leave my head, so thanks for sharing the sheet music! Oh and thanks for the loving the movie too, it really got me! Cheers!

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