Daily Music Goals

It’s been some time since I practiced Debussy’s Clair de Lune, so I’m going to practice it today. A lot of people have been asking me to make a tutorial of this heavenly piece, but, quite honestly it is too advanced to be learned through a tutorial. So, while I practice it today, I’m going to start putting down ideas about how I can adapt it into an easier version.

Also, yesterday I didn’t record any ballet music, so I will definitely need to do that today. So here’s my list:

1. Play all Major and minor scales
2. Practice Clair de Lune
3. Put down ideas for Clair de Lune easier version
4. Edit video
5. Record ballet music

UPDATE: Did 1, 2, and 4.

2 thoughts on “Daily Music Goals”

  1. Hi, Marina,

    I sure appreciate you freely sharing on youtube how to play piano; thank you for your awesome sheet music, tutorials and for giving of yourself and freely sharing your expertise.

    I have been diligently working my way through John Thompson’s texts and Schaum’s Octave text as well as enhancing my awareness of Piano repertoire in the Classics and music that I like. I am having difficulty with uderstanding Edvard Grieg’s “Watchman’s Song”, particularly in his Intermezzo and his “Wedding Day at Troldhaugen”

    In addition, Chopin’s Prelude in C Minor Op. 28, No. 20 is really giving me fits and I have no idea with what to do with what appears as a side-wise bracket in measures 1,2 and 8 that appears to be wrapped around the top dyad of the Bass cleff, extending to the dyads in the Treble cleff. Also there are straight lines extending down to the top note of the Bass clef from the Treble cleff ( does it indicate to play the top Bass note with the right hand, instead of the left hand)?

    PLEASE:Would it be possible for you to create tutorials covering them at some future time, please include playing 32nd notes and what to be thinking and how they are counted in different time signatures, and please speak to when there are large groupings of them within music. I wonder what to do if there were 32 32nd notes in a single measure or groupings of 5, 7, 10, 15 etc. are we supposed to count them and how are we to play them- are they to be rolled real fast? If so, how do you roll more than four notes at a time?

    Thank you for everything

    1. Hi Karen!

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful questions. The thing with YouTube videos is that there are limitations with how much you can learn from them. The tutorials are wonderful for getting across general principles, but don’t really allow for the in-depth, personal interaction that is necessary when delving deeply into an art form. I think that you have come to a place in your musical progression where having a teacher would be of very great help to you. Is there someone local with whom you can schedule lessons? Or, if you like, we can discuss Skype lessons with me.

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