What To Look For In A Piano Teacher – And What To Avoid

I have heard so many less than complimentary stories about piano teachers –  from my students, from other teachers, from random people who know what I do for a living – and these stories make me sad because of the lost opportunities that they represent.

Choosing the right piano teacher is easily the most important decision you will make in your musical journey. While it’s true that an exceptionally talented student will make great strides in spite of a bad teacher, it is more likely that the wrong teacher will greatly hamper a student’s progress.

Once a shaky foundation has been set, it is extremely difficult for another teacher to “erase” that programming and replace it with better knowledge, techniques and habits. And it is a frustrating and confusing experience for the student, as well.

So, please take care in this regard. Don’t leave your or your child’s education to chance.

In this video, I give you some things to look for, so that you can conduct your search for a teacher with the tools to make an informed decision.


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