Mozart Rondo Alla Turca Piano Tutorial (Part 1)

Rondo Alla Turca Part 1 ThumbnailThis is a piece that is very impressive sounding, and, lucky for us pianists, not as difficult as it seems! In this video, I break down the first section, showing you how to play each hand by itself, then how to combine the hands.

Take your time. Practice one or two sections at a time, then add them together, like links in a chain. This may seem like the “long way” to getting there, but, it’s really the shortest, and most reliable distance, between not knowing how to play a piece and being quite proficient at it!

Even if you think this piece might be a bit too advanced for you, I recommend that you try it. Remember, the way to get better is to challenge yourself. So, practice and let me know how you’re doing!


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